The Burn It Body Transformation is 8 weeks and comprises a whole series of healthy eating challenges, unlimited Burn It sessions, 121 goal setting, body fat analysis, nutrition support and more.

You are assigned a fully qualified fitness mentor to look after you and check in with regularly, the focus isn’t just fat loss, it’s about making personal changes that you’ve perhaps struggled with in the past, it’s about educating on nutrition, pushing yourself to your limits and enjoying every minute along the way, this is guaranteed to change your lifestyle. There is a ton of focus on sustainable change ensuring your results are kept and not lost the second you stop. We’ve had over 640 people complete this programme in the past, all of whom have had fantastic results!

The 8 weeks experience launches week commencing April 23rd and includes the following;

  • 8 weeks of unlimited Burn It classes
  • A qualified personal trainer and nutritionist
  • Weekly healthy eating challenges including a week-long detox programme
  • A health check before & after the programme
  • Realistic goal setting with a fitness coach before the programme
  • Weekly home work
  • Home programmes
  • Stretching plans
  • Calorie Controlled Recipes
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