Training During Winter

Winter is coming! Believe in the benefits of outdoor fitness…

  • Being in green space reduces stress
  • Training outdoors is 30% better for mental health than training indoors
  • Variable terrain makes us fitter and stronger
  • Our body can’t get complacent so we achieve our goals quicker
  • Indoor fitness is boring@

These benefits exist no matter what the weather is or whether we are training under street lights or under daylight. In fact, there is a deep satisfaction gained by not letting weather beat you.

If you have struggled with exercise habits because you frequently give up with the excuse “I don’t have enough time” “I’m stuck at work” “I can’t get the kids looked after” these are valid reasons, but we often don’t look hard enough for a solution. Every time you submit to one of these reasons your physical goals move further and further away. “I’m not going to train in that weather” is not a valid reason, it’s just weather, if you let that stop you doing what you want to do where does that path take you? Be the person that doesn’t let anything stand in their way! Be the person that finds a way to get to their goal!

Here are some suggestions for how you can keep getting the benefits of outdoor fitness through the winter period.


Fabric technology these days is amazing; you can get ultra-light weight waterproofs at very reasonable prices. Don’t make the mistake of wearing heavy clothing. Remember you are not going to be standing still for an hour and after 10 min you will warmed up. Wear layers of clothing so that you can remove / add layers as required. If you are looking to invest in some winter clothing then we recommend a good base layer. Last year some of our trainers taught sessions in just a base layer and a T shirt, they are that good (the base layers not the instructors) we have negotiated a preferential rate of 20% from Fitness Box. If buying online use the code burn20.


When the nights draw in, the sessions run in the Dark. In most of our locations there is sufficient street lighting to ensure the sessions run without interruption. This year we are also looking to invest in extra lighting for the parks that don’t have enough. Take care when exercising; be a little more aware of your footing. Try to avoid walking from the camps on your own, use your regional Facebook page to see if anyone is able to give you a lift. The instructor won’t leave the park until everyone has left or has suitable transport.


Some of the equipment we use is steel, so getting yourself a pair of lightweight running gloves will ensure you can full participate. When the ground gets frosty, the instructor will pick a safe route, again, just pay more attention to your footing.


When it’s cold and wet outside you are going to find it harder to leave your warm cosy house. But nothing that was ever worth achieving was easy! You need to recognize that every workout you miss is a step away from your goals!

What are your goals? Why are they important to you? How will you feel when you have achieved that goal? How will you feel if you don’t achieve it? Is it possible to achieve your goal whilst sitting on your couch watching X-factor eating Doritos??

Writing down your goals will make it much more real for you. If you have a calendar start keeping track of every workout you do. If that gap starts to slip it will be a visual reminder for you to get out and do something!

At Burn It our goals are more important than the weather!

Go Outdoors! Change your life!