Virtual Movement Challenge

Wander, step or stroll

The Virtual Movement Goal

In 2020 we launched our Virtual Movement series in attempt to keep people active through lockdown, a set of challenges designed to be fun, interactive, motivating and a reason to leave the house.  All themed with a specific gimmick, the idea is simple, you walk, jog, run or simply move for a certain amount of miles within the allocated time/month.  A t shirt and custom medal is up for grabs every time as well as the bragging rights! 

Be rewarded and inspired by getting up and getting out, a more important time than ever to get some fresh air and improve your health.

You can walk it, jog it or run it.  You can run additional, walk longer, or even just count your daily steps.  The Burn It Fitness virtual movement challenge gives you a goal, structure and a calorie burn to go with it!

What's Included

We have a series of 2021 Virtual Movement challenges up for grabs.  

Each challenge boasts a custom medal and branded t shirt, an invite to our closed Facebook group for regular motivation and support, a mix of hints, tips and healthy recipes as well as a great sense of achievement. 

Each event is £29.99 for adults or £24.99 for kids.  

Our 2021 Challenges

  • February – Route 66 Challenge – 66 miles
  • April 1st – April 30th – Superhero Challenge – choose from 40/60/100 or 150 miles
  • May 4th – June 4th – Star Wars Challenge – choose from 41/61 or 81 miles
  • July 1st, August & September 30th – Lands End to John O’Groats Cycling Challenge – 874 or 437 miles
  • October 1st – 31st – Ghostbusters Challenge – 35/65 or 95 miles
  • December 1st – 31st – Christmas Challenge – 31/60 or 100 miles

walk it, jog it, cycle one of them!

A great calorie burn and fantastic focus to keep you active!

What the program entails

Join our community of movers.  Join hundreds others throughout our series of 2021 challenges.  You can walk it, jog it and even cycle one of them. The Burn It Fitness virtual movement challenges give you a goal, structure and a calorie burn to go with it!

You choose when, where or how, we simply give you the motivation and medal to go get it done! 

You can track your distance by joining our Strava Club, or use your own tracker (Apple watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Mapmyrun etc.)


December 1st-31st - Our Christmas Challenge!