Burn It Personal Training

Unique Outdoor 121 Sessions

Burn It Personal Training

If you need 121 advice, support and motivation then our specialised trainers can help! Specifically tailored to your needs and delivered at you’re your own pace, our 121 Personal Training sessions are perfect for breaking that plateaus, taking your training to a new level and pushing yourself to your limit in a controlled and professional environment.
Whether it’s fat loss, general fitness or a particular goal you’re destined to reach, book a session today and let us help you reach that finish line.

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WHERE………………..West Lothian

10 Sessions………..£250

Why Personal Training?

It’s Educational
All of our sessions, 121 or small group are educationally focused. We don’t want to be the PT you meet in the park once per week for just a workout, we want to be able to educate you on exercise, why, when and how, nutrition, exercise psychology, goal setting and more!

We are real people
Our personal trainers are fully qualified, insured and come with a wealth of experience. Continuously learning and developing our own education, we are real people too. We have fitness goals, we all come from a background of bettering our own fitness levels and improving via outdoor fitness. We enjoy ice cream, sometimes skip meals and understand the difficulty physically, mentally and nutritionally. We can relate to your struggles.

Unique & Bespoke
Both buzzwords in the fitness industry, however completely relevant to our sessions. All of our personal training workouts, regardless of the great outdoors are tailored to your body type, your goals and your fitness levels. Each session progressive, your workouts are unique to you.

Realistic Goal Setting
We believe we have the best instructors in the world to realistically take clients on a journey and help deliver some amazing results via goal setting. Before your first session, we will meet to discuss and set some goals for the duration of your personal training package and beyond.

We’re not your typical PT
We pride ourselves as real people. We won’t stand at the side of a treadmill in a string vest with a snap back baseball cap watching you walk whilst talking about chicken, rice and broccoli. Our outdoor personal training sessions are completely different to that of anything indoors, just like our personal trainers. The great outdoors and our unique methods and knowledge will have you in tip top shape in no time.

Need a personal trainer?

£145 for 5 sessions / £250 for 10 sessions / £445 for 20 sessions