Meet Julie Ann

Before joining Burn It I thought I was quite active, had a gym membership for about a year or two, I’d go walking, took part in a few 10k events & done Pedal for Scotland. After my first Burn It session I realised I may have been active but I was not fit.

"Great workouts, great people & great fun!"

The best part about Burn It is the support, encouragement & advice not only from the instructors but from the Burn It friends/family you make!

Burn It sessions have variety, encouragement, can be tough, be done in all weather, lots of laughs & gives you a real sense of achievement at the end.

The whole Burn It experience has & is working well for me. I started on one session per week but after almost two years of membership I now try to attend three sessions per week, joined up to running club for the fourth time & can’t wait for another weekend of fitness fun at Portavadie. The health checks included have shown me in black & white that the hard work pays off but when you start getting an extra stair climb in or one more lap of the loop at the Civic Centre than before, you start to notice that your fitness levels are increasing week after week.

If you’re thinking about joining Burn It then don’t think any longer, DO IT!!!!!! Great workouts, great people & great fun!

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