Meet Marion

Message from the trainers: Marion had a challenge on her hands, as a running coach she new what she should be doing but struggled to find her way to the right path. We knew that once we had helped her over this first hurdle she would be off and running (pardon the pun!). A previous yo-yo dieter Marion is now a sustainable fitness advocate.


I want to take some time to tell you how I lost 2 stone, changing myself to the woman above that I am so proud of! I lost 10 lbs then I got a bit stuck as usual every year is the same, lose some put more on. I decided that even though I was a running coach I needed someone to support me on my journey so I joined the ‘Burn it Revolution’. I met my instructor, or as they call it in the revolution, my journey mentor, John, he explained clearly where I had been going wrong year after year. He told me to STOP weighing myself daily even as he was explaining why, all I was thinking was “OMG how am I going to know if that extra bar of chocolate was actually a bad idea”. However this message was reiterated over and over, the sessions I attended in Livingston with Paul were fun and friendly, they let me watch one before I committed to joining in.


My advice to you on weight is, stop kidding yourself if you are eating too much then it’s too much (you will actually start to realise scales are off putting and not a real measure of if you are really making progress) they were there to keep me on track taking proper measurements and fat readings helping me to break my never ending diet cycle. I completed the Revolution and haven’t cut out anything I like. Just balance food and exercise and you can still enjoy the odd party. My body shape has changed because I lost it the right way and it’s actually been easy. So many people have commented and are now doing it as they see it’s worked for a serial dieter like me. Stop looking for the secret to dieting join the Burn It Revolution meet great people, get the support, have fun and achieve. Go on if I can do it so can you. Marion


Come and join in the fun