The Burn It Body Transformation is 8 weeks and comprises a whole series of healthy eating challenges, unlimited Burn It sessions, goal setting, body fat analysis, nutrition support and more.

You are assigned a fully qualified fitness mentor to look after you and check in with regularly, the focus isn’t just fat loss, it’s about making personal changes that you’ve perhaps struggled with in the past, it’s about educating yourself on nutrition, pushing yourself to your limits and enjoying every minute along the way, this is guaranteed to change your lifestyle. There is a ton of focus on sustainable change ensuring your results are kept and not lost the second you stop. We’ve had over 800 people complete this programme in the past, all of whom have had fantastic results!

No points, checks, syns or weekly weigh ins! 

The 8 week Sky exclusive experience launches on June 2019 and includes the following;

  • 8 weeks of unlimited Burn It classes (optional) 
  • A qualified personal trainer and nutritionist to support you throughout
  • Weekly healthy eating challenges including a week-long detox programme
  • A health check before & after the programme
  • Realistic goal setting with a fitness coach before the programme
  • Weekly home workouts
  • Stretching plans
  • Healthy Recipe cookbooks with over 200 healthy recipes


June 17th 2019, once signed up you will get an email confirmation.


There are two discounted options,
Option 1 – includes unlimited access to our public park sessions in West Lothian.  There are 6 sessions per week to choose from at the following locations.  More on these classes here –
  • Monday / Livingston 7-8pm
  • Tuesday / Running Club 7-8pm 
  • Wednesday / Linlithgow 7-8pm
  • Thursday / Livingston 7-8pm
  • Friday / Linlithgow 7-8pm
  • Saturday / Beecraigs 10-11am

Option 2 – includes all the same programme but just without the unlimited public park sessions in West Lothian.

£89.00 – With Unlimited Burn It Fitness Classes

£69.00 – Without Burn It Fitness Classes


8 weeks of sustainable healthy eating, exercise and life changing results



Q: I am not fit/I am overweight/I have never exercised, is this for me?

A: Yes, the programme is suitable for all levels of fitness regardless, our sessions are fun, sociable and suitable for all walks of life.


Q: I will be on holiday/I’ll miss as week, will this matter?

A: Not at all, you’re going to need to go on holiday again in your life and these breaks and constraints are welcomed, it adds to the sustainability of the programme.  A week or two off won’t hurt.  Just go easy on that all inclusive buffet. 


Q: Where will the health checks be done?

A: On site, at Sky, our team will visit for a day or two to carry out individual health checks.  The health check comprises fully body %, lean tissue readings, circumference measurements, hydration and basal metabolic rate and more!


Q: Nutritionally, is it a diet?

A: Definitely not, diets suck and no one likes them.  Instead we ask you to track the calorie allowance we will set for you personally and you can eat like a normal human from start to finish, instead of telling you what to eat and when to eat it, we educate you on whats best and give you some ideas and inspiration via our cookbook.  We also concentrate on habitual changes, we won’t get upset if you have the odd mars bar or glass of wine.  We’re all human and we appreciate the nutritional difficulties.  Each week you will be tasked with a new sustainable healthy eating challenge so by the end of the 6 weeks, you’ve achieved 6 bitesize achievements and more!




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