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Level 3 PT qualified and fully insured, we are extremely passionate about helping you achieve your goals and by tailoring a session to your particular needs, we can do exactly that.  Complimented with our weekly classes and all things Burn It, having your own personal trainer will push you to your own individual limit, and perhaps that little bit further, to help get you the results that you desire.  Whether it’s fat loss, general fitness or a particular goal you’re destined to reach, book a block today and let us help you reach that finish line.

“After years of yoyo dieting and attending weigh in clubs, Burn It PT really helped educate me on the correct way to lose weight.  I’m not 50 and have never been fitter in my life!”


I wanted to get better at running and the mix of Burn It PT and classes helped me significantly, I went from not being able to run more than 5k to completing my first ever marathon!  It is now a way of life and I have never looked back, thanks team Burn It!


“I’ve been overweight my whole life until I started Personal Training.  I have lost 7 stone, increased my muscle mass and have never felt more confident!  The education and support from Burn It is amazing!”



Having your own personal trainer not only helps with your physical goals, it supports your nutrition, lifestyle, accountability and mindset.  You’re not just investing in your physical fitness, but your mental fitness too.  Has there ever been a more important time to invest in your health and become the best version of yourself?  Our trusted exercise professionals will support you every step of the way. We’re real people too, we’re not the type of fitness provider that ram our way of the world down your throat, we adapt, we appreciate and we understand that life can often get in the way, we’re realists and focus on all things sustainable change.

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