Meet Phyllis & Irene

Pals and training buddies, who support one another immensely. Both have achieved so much in such a short period of time and Burn It has become a regular part of their weekly routine. 

Phyllis says…

My journey with Burn It Fitness began in August 2017.  My friend Alison had been going for a year or so and I remember thinking at the time that she must be off her head going out in all kinds of weather just for exercise.  For years I had been going to various classes and did lots of walking for the Kilt walk and moonwalk, I did sign up for the gym but that just wasn’t for me.  Time to try something different.

Along with one of my friends Irene we decided to give ‘Burn It’ a go and see what it was like.  Never having been any good at running and not really quite sure what to expect I was a bit apprehensive.  We signed up for the Revolution too, an 8 week programme of fitness and healthy eating.  I am lucky in that I don’t really have weight to lose but I did want to get fit for 50, do a 5k and just generally eat more healthily and feel good in myself.  It was only an 8 week challenge so thought we’d give it a go.

The Revolution group met and Paul who gave us our motivational talk and we set ourselves some goals.  It was good to meet others who would be joining us on our journey and some had done it before and shared their experience.  Motivated and ready – we can do this.

The first few classes were a real challenge and I struggled to get on track.  Working full time vs. family vs. Burn It was a real challenge.  It was a good laugh though and there was loads of encouragement not only from the instructors but other Burn It members.  Everyone worked at their own pace and you could push yourself to where you felt comfortable and could manage.  By the end of the programme I hadn’t done as much as I’d hoped but results were amazing.  Body shape, body fat, hydration and even a bit of weight loss and more importantly feeling great.   

The good weather started to fade and winter was upon us.  Surely the classes would be cancelled during heavy rain, snow and ice?  Nope not with Burn It.  Dress for the occasion and classes are on, I hate the cold.  To be honest you’re never cold for long by the time you’ve done a few hundred burpees, squat jumps and press ups your body just doesn’t feel it.

Fast forward to 2020 here are some of my highlights –

3 body transformations/Revolutions, running across the Forth Road Bridge, a weekend away to Portavadie, 5k without stopping, lots of new friends, x2 Super Burn Its, Stadium Stairs, Burn It Ball, Multi Pass Member,  running round Livingston Centre in fancy dress with a pumpkin, running around Livingston with the rain so heavy even your underwear was soaked, Loving Burn It and feeling great 😊

I have now found a good balance of being able to go to classes mixed with home and work life which is sustainable and enjoyable.  I miss classes when I can’t go. Never would I have thought that I would enjoy being out in all weathers doing fitness and having a great laugh at the same time with a great bunch of people.

Irene says…

One evening during the summer couple of years ago I was cycling past a group of people doing burpees at the play-park near the Civic Centre, I remember thinking what a bunch of idiots, fancy exercising outside!

Fast forward 2 years and I too am none of those idiots after Phyllis mentioned “Bootcamp” and Burn It Fitness. “Alison does it” said Phyllis, I think she looks amazing.

I’ve been a member of various gyms, but it is a fairly solitary, boring experience. I did enjoy the classes, but I was still on my own in a group. I’ve had a personal trainer but didn’t feel I was being pushed or was actually getting anywhere.

I really enjoyed the circuit training I did on a couple of times a week when I was lived down South, so when Phyllis and I did our free trial Burn It session and it was a circuit I was delighted, I don’t think I realised that Burn It also involved running (I hate running) and burpees!

We both signed up for our first Revolution programme after that, but in reality, I think I only half-heartedly committed to it, at least I went to the “weigh in” wearing my sports gear!

After the 8 weeks I had lost weight, gained muscle and was feeling great, but still wasn’t sure. Autumn was upon us and it was getting colder, I am definitely a fair-weather exerciser!

January 2018, new year, new Revolution, however I think this was the typical “New Year New Me thing, I did keep buying the flexi-passes though. 

The 3rd Revolution Programme was 10 weeks with the best group of people ever, the plan was to have competing groups but we were “one team”! The support and encouragement from the “Transformers” was great, Paul’s weekly emails were pretty good too.

3 Revolution programmes, a Portavadie weekend and a Burn It Ball later, I signed up to a multi-pass and it is the best thing I have done.

I now look forward to going to class, I know that it doesn’t matter if I am “on my own” because I am not. Everyone at Burn It is supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental. If you want to just walk instead of running there is always someone who will be there with you.

I am fitter at 50 plus than I have ever been, my daughter tells me I am the fittest mum she knows 😊. I still don’t love running, but I am getting better at it, I have done 14 more Park Runs than I ever thought I would.

Even though going out on a cold, damp, dark night is not always easy, I am always glad I made the effort. There is nothing better to shake off a rubbish day than the Stadium Stairs, well maybe a gin and tonic, but after the Stadium Stairs.

I am completely committed now having taken up the Black Friday deal on the 12-month membership!

I love the variety; no 2 classes are the same.

I love the banter and the fact that Paul takes some stick!

I love the team spirit.

Why Burn It? FUN, SOCIABLE FITNESS, that’s why.


Come and join in the fun