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About Burn It Fitness

Burn It Fitness is Scotland’s longest serving outdoor fitness provider. We have helped literally thousands of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals since 2010. 

West Lothian based we are made up of fitness and health professionals, we believe to have the most qualified and enthusiastic fitness team in the world and offer something completely unique when it comes to exercise. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, extensive fitness knowledge and unbeatable variety in each of our fitness experiences. 

We’re real people too, we’re not the type of fitness provider that ram our way of the world down your throat, we adapt, we appreciate and we understand that life can often get in the way, we’re realists and focus on all things sustainable change.

We are a community led fitness family, we will support you, encourage you and motivate you, our members are the most inspiring, non judgemental individuals we’ve ever met and and our classes and fitness experiences offer a refreshing sense of community. 

All our fitness experiences are fun, sociable and suitable for all levels.  It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you may be, we run Outdoor Fitness sessions 6 days per week, Revolutionary Fat Loss Programmes, Residential Fitness Retreats, Kids Fitness Classes, Corporate Wellness and much more! 


Meet our incredible professionals


We are a team of real people. We are passionate about fitness, customer service and real life. We practice what we preach and don’t blur the lines with any stupid exercises or daft diets.

Real People

As real people, we get it!  We are Mum’s, Dad’s, students and professionals ourselves.  We know life can get in the way, we will motivate you and encourage you all the way. 


We are huge advocates for physical and mental health. We love the great outdoors and want you to, too!  Our sessions ensure the best outdoor escapism with likeminded individuals. 


We know exercise can be boring. At Burn It, we ensure all our classes are challenging and engaging, but also fun! Our unique blend of banter and burpees works a treat!

Paul Duffy

Paul launched the business back in 2010 with business partner at the time, John.  With a view of bucking the industry norm of joining the gym in January and cancelling the direct debit in February, the idea of outdoor fitness in Scotland was always a risk but Paul was determined to offer an alternative solution to stationary bikes or treadmills. 

With over 18 years experience in the fitness industry, Paul is a fully qualified personal trainer with a track record of success in group sessions, corporate wellness, fat loss, 121 personal training and coaching, goal setting adventure and obstacle course racing.  Having taught outdoor fitness classes in almost every public Park in Scotland, Paul still leads the charge on Burn It a few nights per week and from afar.  

Julie-Ann Morris
Burn It Instructor

Julie-Ann is our longest serving member of the team and true Burn It advocate.  Dental nurse by day, Burn It ninja by night Julie-Ann has delivered some of the best and innovative sessions in the field.  Joining the team as a member back in 2017, Julie-Ann converted to the dark side, to put to good use, her care and passion for helping people.  A gentle and approachable Tasmanian devil.  You won’t like Julie-Ann when she is hangry.  Julie-Ann has been instrumental in helping many of our members through multiple challenges and goals.

Lucy Smith
Burn It PT

Lucy is a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer with a background in sport, online coaching, outdoor fitness and indoor group classes.  Joining the team as a 4th year Sports Science student, Lucy is an outgoing, friendly, professional expert when it comes to clients achieving their goals. Results driven and super approachable, Lucy packs a punch when it comes to delivering some of the best outdoor fitness sessions possible. 

Anna Anderson
Youth Academy Leader

Anna is our Youth Academy leader!  With over 20 years in child education, sports coaching, teaching and mentoring Anna leads up our kids classes and programmes that come with it.  A fully qualified clown (genuinely, she is a qualified circus clown) with one of the most impressive CV’s we have ever seen, Anna carefully plans some of the most fun sessions possible for our Young Team.  A successful business owner by day with an array of talent, Anna is an inspiring mentor for the Youth Academy and has helped build it to what it is today.  

Julie Russell
Burn It Instructor

Linlithgow based, Julie joined the Burn It team after being a member for 6 years.  She is no stranger to the infamous Linlithgow Hills and enjoys climbing them as much as she does teaching on them. Putting her loud voice and encouraging attitude to good use, Julie is a goal driven and determined instructor who has the ability to add fun to all of her sessions whilst ensuring our members get the results they deserve.  

Jenny Campbell
Jenny joined the Burn It team after a decade of exercising with us and achieving some incredible results along the way. Jenny is our very own mental fitness coach and qualified psychologist and hypnotherapist.  After a huge positive impact in her own journey with Hypnotherapy after neurosurgery, Jenny offers a series of services to Burn It members. 
A qualified advanced clinical hypnotherapist after completing the DipACHMT (Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis and Mind Therapies) with HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma) which is recognised as the gold standard in hypnotherapy, awarded by the National Council for Hypnotherapy.
In addition to the diploma, Jenny also provides Mindfulness and Energy Psychology, is a qualified Sleep Consultant, trained in mental health first aid (SMHFA), and has a BSc Hons degree in Psychology. 


Getting outdoors has many benefits, here are some of our favourites.

You’ll Burn More Calories

Working on variable terrains, you will burn more calories in 1 hour with Burn It than you would elsewhere. We use hills, stairs, grass, tarmac and trail paths, meaning you are forced to burn more calories than you would indoors.

You’ll Sleep Better

The fresh air alone proves hugely successful when getting a good night’s sleep, not to mention the amount of compound exercises we put you through which ultimately means you work the fuller muscle group and expend more energy.

It’s more exciting

We all know the gym and other classes can be boring. Our classes are fun, sociable and completely different every week. The principle remains the same whilst at each session the route, structure and format changes every time.

You’ll think more clearly

Studies have suggested 1 hour of fresh air per day will increase your productivity and help clear your mind. Exercising outdoors help release serotonin, allowing you to be happier, think more clearly and increase your focus.

You’ll be less stressed

Outdoor fitness has huge mental health benefits, the weather, good or bad, and the fresh air yield huge opportunities to help de-stress. The sociability and fun to be had whilst training alongside likeminded individuals is also great for relieving stress.

It’s invigorating

Nothing quite beats the feeling of running in the rain or squatting in the snow. The various seasons of weather we see in Scotland in any given hour lend themselves well to a truly invigorating experience whilst training with Burn It.

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