Burn it Power Hour

Equipment led strength and conditioning

Burn It power Hour

Power Hour is one of our most popular classes and for good reason! It’s an equipment-led outdoor circuit class that focuses on toning and strength and conditioning using a variety of equipment such as kettlebells, battling ropes, medicine balls, dumbbells, power bags, resistance bands, and more.

But what really sets Power Hour apart from other classes is the fact that each individual is pushed to their own level. Whether you’re a regular weight lifter or a complete beginner, there are progression and regression alternatives available so that everyone can get the most out of the class.

Moreover, the class is designed to be both fun and safe, so it’s not your typical weightlifting class. Instead, you’ll get to do a variety of exercises that you won’t find anywhere else, such as tyre flips, kettlebell presses, harness runs, medicine ball slams, sledgehammer hits, and many more! Trust us, you won’t find a session quite like this one anywhere else.

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