"Training is not just physical."

I’ve been a Burn It member for some time now and have enjoyed the gain in fitness and weight loss that has put a new prospectus on my life. However, the main thing that I have taken from this is the improvement in mental health. I’m not as tired during the day, more alert at work and in general, a more confident person and at comfortable with myself.

Since my teenage years, I have suffered from mental health issues, I was targeted at school and in the early working years for this which affected my ability to learn and grow as an adult. I managed this as I grew older but the confidence issues still remained.

When I joined Burn It, I was very over weight and no self-esteem, but what I found over time, I became more confident and the felt the improvement of my overall mental health. Thinking back about this now, it was down to my increased physical fitness and being in this “goal orientated” environment with people who were willing to help each other out.

Through no reason attributed to Burn It, I stopped training about 1.5 years ago, still did some training but not a disciplined program such as Burn It provides. During that time I had to deal with a few low point events in my family which for anyone would be hard to deal with. This led me to having a mini breakdown and having to take time out to recuperate. When I felt better, I decided as part of my “getting back on saddle” plan was to return to Burn It and get myself strong again. In a short period of time I have returned back to my old self, getting my fitness and mental strength back. Enjoying work and getting on with life and what it throws at you. Recently achieved a couple of short term fitness goals that I am stoked about. I still have my off days but I do find that after a good session at Burn It makes me feel “epic” (cue the dancing action men).

So peeps, your mind is your strongest tool, look after it and the rest takes care of its self. But it’s also good to know that “it’s OK to not feel OK”, it’s how you manage it that counts and makes you see the wood from the trees.


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