Meet Alana

Prior to joining Burn It I had joined gyms, went to classes, bought the DVDs and started running. None of which lasted or gave me the results I was after, the motivation wasn’t there.

I chose Burn It as it was something I hadn’t tried before and it was all outdoors.

"Burn It is fun, hard, encouraging and worth every penny."

I joined Burn It on the 8 weeks Body Transformation.  I thought if I changed more than my exercise routine I might have better luck getting the results I was looking for. I went for my health check at the beginning of the 8 weeks and also for myself took some before pictures to see if I could notice a difference (I’m not crazy about weighing myself).

I threw myself into it going to 2-3 sessions a week and sticking to my eating and exercise homework.

Before my final health check I took my after pictures and was amazed at the difference, my love handles were disappearing! I also lost weight and inches all over. ALL IN 8 WEEKS…AMAZING!

I’ve continued with the hard work even after the 8 weeks has finished, I’m still going to 2-3 sessions a week and keeping up with my better eating choices, it’s getting a lot easier.

Burn It has definitely changed the way I think about food and I’m enjoying exercise again there is no going back especially when you see the results in just 8 weeks.

Burn It is fun, hard, encouraging and worth every penny.

If your thinking about joining GO FOR IT!

You’ve got nothing to lose. We are all in the same position, there is no judgement just encouragement.  The instructors are there to help and it’s a friendly bunch of people to work out with. Come along and see for yourself.

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