Alison Smith

I was looking to try a different approach to getting fitter and had heard about Burn It. I have always enjoyed keeping active and my main exercise was walking – training for events such as Moonwalk or the Kilt Walk, I have also been a gym member over the years too. 

"I work out with a great group of people"

I felt I needed to do something different to help me improve fitness levels and help  me manage with everyday  life/work ‘ stress’,  so I decided to join Burn It. I purchased a Flexi pass and turned up to give it a go,  that was in February 2016. Since then I have definitely seen an improvement in my fitness levels, more toned, stronger, few pounds lighter and so much more motivated than ever before. I have seen the results and benefits from a twice weekly Burn It session. 

The sessions are always different so I never get bored; running in particular I have got better at and have improved how long and how far I can run, which for me has been the greatest improvement and achievement.  I struggled to imagine running a distance without stopping. I signed up for the Fitness Fun Day in January 2017. Part of the day includes a challenge to run a 10k in 1 hour. I managed to run 7k (without stopping!) and followed that by managing 8k at the April Fitness Fun Day, so just might manage 10k in 2017! 

"I honestly look forward to getting to my weekly sessions"

I honestly look forward to getting to my weekly sessions. I work out with a great group of people who are friendly and supportive; you work at your own level and as a group we encourage each other to achieve. The information, knowledge and support you receive from instructor (Paul) really has made a difference to me – from healthy eating advice, goal setting, technique improvement – has helped me in so many ways over the past year and I have definitely made positive lifestyle changes /choices as a result. Looking forward to achieving more in the months to come.

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