Meet Billy

Message from the trainers: Billy’s story is the kind of story we love; because for Billy the weight loss he has had is just a by product of the actual success. Billy has turned up in all weathers regardless and now enjoys the fact that he is a fit, healthy, active individual. Billy was very keen that we used this picture of him at the cockleroy Everest challenge for his profile as for him it truly represents what he has achieved.


What first inspired you to get fit?

Being an Engineer, I spend a lot of time at my desk or in meetings so I don’t get much physical exercise while I work. I am also a musician and found my energy levels weren’t what they should be when playing live. Sitting on the couch one night, couldn’t get comfortable and felt very “frumpy”. So I went upstairs, had a look in the mirror and thought, no, I’m in my mid 40s, need to do something quick and something now.

Why did you choose Burn It Fitness?

I hadn’t trained for the best part of 20 years, tried a few gyms and designer diets but couldn’t motivate myself. A client of my wife had recently got very fit through Burn it. I was always skeptical thinking this is for super fits. But when I saw the results this person got, I thought, if she can, then why can’t I. So I made that call.

That call changed my life, in 7 months I have got myself reasonably fit, lost a lot of weight and reduced my fat content by a considerable amount. I sleep better, I don’t snore (my wife told me to put that in) and feel more alert during the day.

What was the hardest thing about your training?

Doing exercises that I hadn’t done in many years, in particular burpees and press ups. But the more I trained, the fitter I got and these exercises became less “oh no – not these ****”.

What has been the best thing about your training?

Seeing my work paying off, I did the 5k redemption in October and followed up with a 7k on Boxing Day. The mental fitness is amazing and people comment on how slim I am looking these days so that’s bread a lot of confidence in me.

What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about taking up training with Burn It?

Do it! Stop thinking and just pop along, I know the thought of a ‘boot camp’ is intimidating for some but Burn It are not your Americanized style boot camp, no one will be standing yelling at you, instead they’ll be there supporting and encouraging you. You make new friends that encourage you to continually “go for gold!”

Has your lifestyle changed a lot since you started training?

Completely, I feel and look better. A better outlook on life, I’m more of a “I can do this” rather than “mmm, not sure, nah” with everything in my life. I play in a band and even on stage I feel more energetic to the point I’ve started singing and bantering with our audiences. At work, I’m more of an optimist than the pessimist I was before. Made me look my career again to see what I can achieve, not just the comfort zone I’ve been stuck in for the last few years. I also have a new set of friends (training buds and trainers) who I enjoy a bit of banter with at training.

What do you do if you just don’t feel like training?

We all have our down days but if I “canny be bothered”, then I think, what’s the consequences, sit on the couch, watch rubbish on TV, do my wife’s head in. So get the gear on and head down, feel great after it. JOB DONE!

Top tip for keeping motivated?

Goals! Its all about the goals. I have set a target to do a couple of 10Ks and a half marathon this year. So the training I’m doing with the camps and the running club on a Sunday is helping me to achieve these goals. The bi-product is the fitness, weight loss and fat content loss. So to answer the question, what motivates me? How great I feel due to this training. Going into my late 40s, it’s important for me to be fit and control things like my fat content to ensure I stay fit physically and mentally fit and enjoy it as long as possible.

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