Meet Charlotte

Charlotte has been a Burn It member for a number of years now.  Charlotte is one of the hardest working members we have, she pitches up 2-3 times per week, sometimes more, (when she isn’t out gallivanting on the golf course) and gives it everything she has.  We are immensely proud to have Charlotte as a Burn It member, she encourages others, motivates more people than she realises and we are thankful to have played a part in her fitness journey.  

Charlotte’s story reiterates the fact that Burn It is more than just a fitness class, it’s a fitness family. 

"joining Burn It in 2013 was in some ways a real life saver for me and I haven’t looked back."

I’ve never had a problem being motivated to exercise whether it be running, aerobics, popmobility!, circuit training or going to the gym – all of that to keep fit for what was the love of my life – squash. I ate, slept and breathed squash and would train like mad to keep my fitness levels up to play competitively, at one time thinking I couldn’t live if I couldn’t play squash – now, 30 plus years later I’m thinking like that about Burn It!!

I stumbled on Burn It whilst looking for an activity holiday, it was on my door step and I had no idea it existed. My first night I ended up in the Jog Scotland group. I couldn’t find the overspill car park for the Civic Centre and ended up at the Civic Centre, saw a group running and thought that must be them and it wasn’t, the guy pointed me in the right direction by which time no-one was there and I ended up running on my own.

At one time running on my own would not have been a problem but in 2012 my world fell apart when my partner of 25 years walked out of my life.  Although I have lots of friends, the feelings of isolation and loneliness were overwhelming and running alone just exacerbated it so joining Burn It in 2013 was in some ways a real life saver for me and I haven’t looked back. I had a choice of 6 classes a week and knew that if I hadn’t seen anyone on a particular day I could go to Burn It at night to get “my fix”.

My first health check was in the Burn It office and it was John doing it but Paul was there at his desk. I was explaining to John about discovering them whilst searching for an activity holiday and Paul got out his chair to leave saying “this ain’t no holiday camp Charlotte” – I thought I had joined the army!!

I’ve always been overweight and grew up knowing all sorts of diets as my Mum went on a diet every Monday!! At one point I was bullied at secondary school for being fat. However “tubby” could run and that was a lifesaver as after my school house winning the relay race “Lanky Lynette” took me under her wing and the bullying stopped – if it wasn’t for exercise I think my school life would have been hell.

The benefits of Burn It go way beyond exercise and losing a few pounds. I’ve done 2 Body Transformations now and when I started my body fat was 41%, now down to 30.9% – funnily enough my weight has only changed by a few kilos but I’ve dropped a dress size and thrown away my scales as no longer care what I weigh I just use my clothes as a guide. I’ve increased the amount of water I drink and reduced the amount of wine!! And although my diet wasn’t too bad, as I mainly cook from scratch, I’ve now learned so much more about nutrition, I’d say I eat much better now too, ignoring all these myths!! Physically and mentally I feel much stronger and I’m as fit now as I was in my 20s and that wasn’t yesterday!! I’ve laughed loads, ran 5ks, 10ks, a half marathon, laughed lots, been part of the relay marathon team, done Chucky impersonations, dressed up as Rudolph and the Hulk, laughed lots more, done burpees on the dance floor, helped raise money for charity, I’m currently Space hopping champion, really laughing now,  I even baked a cake AND I’ve been in a kayak!!!! You don’t get all that being isolated in a gym.

I love the fun, variety and encouragement that Paul and his team bring to the classes, I love being outdoors no matter what the weather, I love being part of the group and the banter that it brings, I love the fact that it’s all shapes and sizes, abilities and backgrounds and you do it at your own pace, I love the fact that classes are never cancelled unless necessary. What else can I say, I am totally transformed in more ways than one and I would highly recommend Burn It to EVERYONE!

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