Meet Donna

I set myself a personal goal of running a half marathon this year. Before going to Burn It I had never ran before but over time I built myself up to doing 5K runs and then up to 10k runs.

"Burn It works for me because its outdoors"

As a busy mum working full time in a demanding job, I often found it hard to fit in exercise and frequently rewarded myself with snacks as a treat for my hard work. Over time this resulted in an increase in weight and had a negative impact on my energy levels and motivation. I have never been a fan of fad dieting and firmly believe that success can be achieved through a combination of eating a healthy diet and good, honest exercise. I was inspired to get fit while planning for my wedding and I knew that I could achieve success through Burn It Fitness. Burn It works for me because its outdoors, it’s demanding (but achievable!) and most importantly for me – it’s sociable! I went along on my own to Burn it sessions but very quickly made friends and was really well supported through the instructors’ encouragement and from other people in the class. Everyone works at their own pace and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go – you will always feel included and never singled out.. Every Burn It Fitness session is different – you never quite know what to expect. Sometimes it’s circuit work other times a trail run or a combination of both. This helps keep it interesting and definitely makes the time go by quickly!

 To keep me focussed, I decided to sign up to the 8 week body transformation programme. This really helped to keep me on track, not only with my fitness but also with my nutrition. Weekly emails and strong group camaraderie definitely helped in moments of weakness! It was fantastic to see the impact of my hard work at the final health check where I saw a measurable difference in my body shape and size. I also signed up for some personal training sessions and really valued the opportunity for one to one sessions that focussed on my own person goals. Paul is a great motivator and his weekly encouragement has really helped me to stay on track.

"Burn It has had a massive impact on my lifestyle"

Burn It has had a massive impact on my lifestyle. I enjoy running but I would never have sustained having regular exercise if it wasn’t for the balance of sociable Burn it sessions. They have really helped to make exercise part of my routine and that means I plan it into my week and regularly make time for me. My advice for anyone thinking of joining would be to not overthink it and just do it. Set yourself a goal – whether it is your first 5k or a drive to change your body shape a goal will definitely help keep you on track. You will be welcomed, encouraged and supported every step of the way….and you will get results, not only in the way you look but most importantly, in the way you feel!

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