Meet Kirsty

Don’t keep making excuses not to join as there will never be a “best time” to start. I still hurt after some classes but that’s OK – at least I go and keep going back and I enjoy it now, well most of the time anyway!  

"I feel much more confident in the way I look"

What exercise have you done in the past, prior to joining Burn It?

Before joining Burn It last summer I had trained and run a 10k in 2011 and attended many many different types of gym classes but I’d fallen out of love with the classes as there were very few that I could actually make and the ones I could get to were packed and very repetitive. I found myself making excuses not to go which resulted in me doing very little exercise for around two years so decided I needed to try something new.  

What do you like the most about Burn It?

The main thing that I like about Burn It is the support that you get from not only the trainers but the people who attend the class. It is really sociable, unlike the gym, and it doesn’t matter if you are at the front or in my case the back of the pack, you are always encouraged to do your best and everyone finishes at the same time.

In one sentence, how would you describe a Burn It Fitness session?

Burn It sessions are tough and push you to to do exercises you would never do yourself but you can’t dread what you don’t know is coming and it is great to be outdoors rather than being stuck in a hot and sweaty gym! 

Tell us your story, what’s worked well for you, what hasn’t?  Has Burn It changed your lifestyle in any way?  

I joined Burn It in July 2017 after seeing some photos of myself that I really didn’t like and with a love of food I knew that I needed to get back into exercise if I was going to change anything! My first class was really tough with lots of running in the grounds of Linlithgow Palace, and having not run in six years I had to push myself to my absolute limits to finish that class but everyone was very welcoming and supportive which is probably the thing that made me go back. Since joining I have been through two Body Transformation programmes which have helped with my understanding of how many calories are in different types of foods and I was encouraged monitor what I was eating and to attend at least two classes a week. I now feel guilty when I can’t make a third class in a week and in nine months my fitness has improved a fair bit and more importantly I have built the muscles up around my previously weak knee. I still have a little way to go but I feel much more confident in the way I look having lost over a stone since joining and the classes are now a part of my routine, plus I now don’t feel guilty when I do have an occasional treat as I know that I have earnt it.

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