Meet Lesley

I was looking to try a different approach to getting fitter and had heard about Burn It. I have always enjoyed keeping active and my main exercise was walking – training for events such as Moonwalk or the Kilt Walk, I have also been a gym member over the years too. 

"I’ve lost over 20% body fat and down 5 dress sizes"

Before joining Burn It, I had only ever done the odd Zumba class, I had no real history of fitness at all.

What I like the most about Burn It, is every session is outdoors, regardless of the weather, Burn It is a fitness provider that really does suit everyone’s needs and abilities.

The sessions are always well planned, tough going but you work to your own pace, and do what you can.  There is always great encouragement from the instructors and fellow Burn It members.

When I joined Burn It 2 years ago, I struggled to run 100 yards.  I was extremely over weight, unfit and worried I wouldn’t manage, I remember after my first session getting back in car and being so ashamed of myself for being so unfit i was tempted not to go back.

But, I did and has been best life choice I’ve ever made, I’ve went on to complete many 5k and 10k runs and also completed my first Tough Mudder (10 miles of mud and obstacles) I even climbed Ben Nevis, but my biggest achievement to date is completing 2, soon to be 3, half marathons which I would never in a million years have thought I would have been possible. I’ve lost over 20% body fat and down 5 dress sizes which in turn, really has given me my life back. As a person Burn It has made me a lot more confident, I am so much happier within myself.  It has changed my life style massively and has had huge impact on my family, my husband stopped smoking 18 months ago and as a family we do much more outdoor activities with our kids, I’m loving being able to run about mad with my 2 boys actually taking part in games and sports with them, rather than having to watch, it’s all my youngest knows is his mum going for a run or going to Burn It which I feel is a great example for him. I always have energy for the kids, I am loving being a super active Mum.

"that dream will become a reality"

I started Burn It with a huge dream, a dream I was never laughed at or judged for, like at other fitness classes, and next year that dream will become a reality when I take on my first ever full marathon!  26.2 miles, not bad for someone who couldn’t run 100 yards!  Training is going well, I’m incredibly proud of myself so watch this space, yes it can be a roller coaster at times but the help support and encouragement I get from the Burn It family is second to none.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining Burn It would be don’t think about it, just do it, it will change your life and if I can do it, anyone can.  It really is that simple just come along, work hard, give it your all and the results take care of them self, you won’t get any better support or care anywhere else.

In ten years from now I will still be just as active with many more running medals to add to my growing collection this is a way of life now just wish I had started 10 years ago!

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