Meet Stephanie

I joined Burn It with a group of friends at the start, Paul and John had only just set up the business, another friend had started, and I could see such a change in her.  I thought to myself “I want some of that!” Years on and I am proud to say that I am still a member, and still love it, even in the rain! 

"Sustainable - that's what Burn It is to me"

I had done exercise classes before, but I soon realised that I like being outside and I like that each class is different, you never know what’s coming.  It could be a run, with stops for body weight exercises or a circuit with equipment, whatever class is planned, it’s always varied, enjoyable and fun.

One of the things that I love about Burn It is that there are people of all fitness levels, all shapes and sizes and all ages.   Nobody cares about your wobbly bits or if you have the best fitness gear.

Its not a walk it the park though, it can be tough, but the instructors know their stuff and push you to do YOUR best and are always encouraging you to push yourself too, they keep you motivated and it helps that the other members of the group are so friendly and encouraging too.

If you are thinking about joining don’t waste any more time, no matter whether you already exercise and want to try something different, or if you are someone who hasn’t done exercise for a while and wants to return to it, or someone who wants their fitness journey to start, make that move, get in touch and give it a go, what have you got to lose, you really won’t regret it. I never have!

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