Meet Stephen

In August 2016 I had heard about Burn It Fitness and was surprised to see there was a session right on my doorstep. I was really apprehensive about going as I didn’t know anyone there, however, Paul put me at ease and I haven’t looked back since.

" I've lost over two stones in weight and, more noticeably, lost 10% body fat."

 I have had numerous gym memberships over the years and each time I start off well but eventually look for excuses not to go. The only thing that I found I enjoyed, and stuck at, was my running, I wasn’t particularly fast or fit but enjoyed it nonetheless.
I have been going to Burn It now for just over a year and a half and in that time have not only attended my local sessions but also completed the Burn It Running Club which I look forward to this year as well.
The Body Transformation Program was a major turning point in my journey as it opened my eyes to aspects of food, health and fitness that i hadn’t thought about. After completion of the program I had lost over two stones in weight and, more noticeably, had lost 10% body fat. Two of my goals for the program were to improve my running so that I could run 5K in under 30 minutes and 10K in under 60 minutes (which I had previously never been able to do), both of which i have since managed.
I have made an amazing bunch of friends through Burn It and where, before I looked for excuses to avoid going to the gym I feel guilty if I can’t make any of the classes. I would strongly recommend Burn It as fitness is much more fun outside and in a group (despite the weather sometimes) and the motivation you get from the instructors is also a massive help.

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