Residential Fitness Retreats


Sometimes known as residential boot camps, these experiences involve you going away to stay for sometimes up to a week with fitness trainers on site 24/7. Locations for this type of fitness break vary greatly, from Scottish rural locations to summer beach locations but the essence is still the same, you will be exercising for up to 8 hours per day, Eating a reasonable diet and have access to professional fitness trainers.

What is the benefit?

Depending on how long you go for will determine what benefits you can expect in return. If you go for a weekend, you can expect:

  • Boost in your motivation
  • Education on exercise
  • Understanding where your fitness limits are
  • Having your limits challenged
  • Education on Nutrition

An intensive weekend of fitness, does take its toll on your body, you will need to plan in a couple of days low activity for the week following the residential to allow your body a chance to repair its muscle fibres and build up the energy in your bodies fuel cells.
Going to a residential with the right frame of mind is really important; if you don’t build yourself up for the experience then it will be 3 days of hell. However if you go with one in the benefits above in mind you might find that you get more out of the experience than you bargained for.
Very often, after one of our residential retreats, we hear our clients say they managed much more than they thought they would. If you go looking for this realisation, then when you return to your training when you get home you will be able to reach a whole new level as your perception of where your limit is will be different! The second most popular piece of feedback is ‘that was just the kick up the backside I needed,’ Going away and allowing yourself the chance to focus on nothing else but your health and fitness gives you the clarity of thought to discover what you need to change about your lifestyle when you return to the ‘real world’

What wont they do?

Do not attend a residential if you want fast results! The drop a dress size phenomenon is true but it isn’t a lasting result, basically your muscle tone improves from all the exercise you have been doing giving the impression that you have slimmed right down in a couple of days; as soon as you relax those muscles though you lose the effect. Try to recall a time when you have been out for a long walk, if you happened to feel the muscles in your leg after that they would have been really tight, but as the days pass they start to loosen off again.
That’s not to say you won’t get results, training for any length of time brings with it some benefits, all we are saying is embrace the experience for all the benefits it will bring and not just the short time figure changes.

Where can I book one?

There are many operators in this field. You need to make sure the trainers you are going with are at least level 3 qualified in fitness instructing, the company that is running it should have adequate public liability insurance for delivering fitness to groups and professional indemnity insurance for the advice they give you to go home with. We offer Residential fitness retreats at excellent value for money from an amazing Scottish Venue, for full details click on this link we look forward to seeing you at Portavadie soon, but remember whether you are a customer or not we are always willing to help and answer your questions. Email us on if we can help you in any way.

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