Stay Fit On Holiday, it is Possible!

Holidays are always the arch nemesis of a fitness journey. Every year we put ourselves under huge amounts of pressure to look good for our holiday then the first thing we do when we get there is over indulge.

What if we were to tell you it was possible to go on holiday, enjoy yourself and not totally ruin your progress? Mind blowing stuff we know, but here are 5 simple steps you can take to keep you on track in the sun:

1. Do a recon mission when you get there. Pay a visit to the restaurant, see what types of food they are serving, see where the healthy foods are so you can pick a table closer to them.

2. Hydrate, find out where you can buy affordable bottled water, staying hydrated through the day will keep your energy high, keep you positive and help you make healthy choices.

3. Walk, take the stairs not the lift, plan in a daily walk around the area you are in, if you’re in a resort and can’t leave then where is the gym? When is it open? What machines does it have? Are their stairs you could climb regularly? Is there a pool you can get in some lengths each day?

4 .Balance your indulgence days (of course you will have them and we’re not telling you, you can’t) with some lighter days, if you can enjoy some fruit, water and salad meals then go for it, take the savings when and where you can.

5. You can work out anywhere, 5 minutes per night doing bodyweight exercises can help prevent your muscular fitness deteriorating, keeping your metabolism firing and allowing you to hit the ground running when you return. What about extra activity such as kayaking, Frisbee, volleyball, water polo, football on the beach, tennis, golf? It of course depends where you’re headed on holiday but look out for different styles of exercise.

Have a great time, enjoy yourself but if you can make some savings and keep active then you will be so grateful when you get back and are able to pick up where you left off, and imagine how good you will look with no spells of ‘falling off the wagon.’

Good luck!

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