Virtual Movement Challenge

The Virtual Movement Goal

In 2020 we launched our Virtual Movement series in an attempt to keep people active through lockdown, a set of challenges designed to be fun, interactive, motivating and a reason to leave the house.  All themed with a specific gimmick, the idea is simple, you walk, jog, run or simply move for a certain amount of miles within the allocated time/month.  A tech t-shirt and custom medal are up for grabs as well as the bragging rights and calorie burn that come with it!  

Be rewarded and inspired by getting up and getting out in December, a typically challenging month when it comes to activity! 

You can walk it, jog it or run it.  Get the whole family involved and get fit for Santa coming! 

What's Included

A tech t-shirt, a custom medal and daily motivation throughout December.  We will add you to a closed Facebook group and fire you a weekly email to keep you accountable! 

Fun facts!

The challenge is based on 11,000 steps per day.  
Eleven is the main character in Stranger Things.
11 (Character and daily steps) x 31 (days in December) is 341. 
341 is the amount of Zoom sessions we did during lockdown!  

The challenge is only £29.99 for adults and only £24.99 for kids! 

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December 1st-31st - Our Christmas Challenge!