What to expect from a Burn It Session

What can you expect from a Burn It Fitness session?

A warm welcome.  Fun, friendliness, like-minded individuals and professionalism.

When you arrive.

You will be greeted with a friendly, fully-qualified-in-fitness, normal human being. Our team is made up of fitness and business professionals who are experts in customer service. (No egos, no camouflage, no ex sergeant major with a whip.)

The warm up

Typically comprising of a light jog and some body weight exercises such as jumping jacks, squats and lunges. This allows us to warm up your muscles and get your heart and lungs ready for the workout ahead. 

The session itself

Completely different every week. Firstly, it does not matter how fit you are, super fit or massively unfit, the session will be designed to suit, and alternative exercise will be offered where required. We have two different styles of sessions, circuit based or trail based. 

A Burn It Circuit based session involves equipment such as kettle-bells, resistance bands and medicine balls. The format of our circuits often change but the principle remains the same, a high calorie burn using a mixture of equipment and body weight exercises. 

A Burn It Trail based session is when we explore our parks and maximise our surroundings incorporating park benches, hills, stairs and other useful tools to ensure we burn as many calories as possible within the hour. A light jog interspersed with body weight exercises is exactly what our trail entails. We often work in pairs or small groups which adds to the sociability of our sessions. Whether it’s a circuit or a trail what we do promise is a fun and safe workout. The sessions are lighthearted and run by fitness professionals who again, specialise in customer service. There is something surprisingly invigorating about squatting in the rain with likeminded strangers with the same or similar goal, oh and speaking of rain, we will train all year round regardless of the weather. One thing we avoid when possible is wet grass and puddles, we know it can be fun but we put safety first and no one really enjoys getting back in their car soaked and covered in mud. Whilst the sessions will run in even the heaviest to downpours and thickest of snow, we’ll avoid the grass and mud and stick to the path routes when possible. 

The cool down

A light top to toe stretch to see you off, we focus on all major muscle groups to offer ample recovery and our 5 minute cool down and stretch allows a great opportunity to ask any fitness or nutrition related questions to your instructor, we are more than happy to stay behind after our sessions to give you real, normal advice and support.

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