Burn It in the Park

Our signature session


Our sessions are not military-led and we don’t crawl through any mud. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and like to think outside the box to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible each time. 


We put a huge focus on our sessions being sustainable, we want to create a fitness journey for you that you can stick to and continue to get results from. We regularly goal set with our members and our sessions are different every week!



Meet like-minded exercisers. There are no egos or attitudes at our sessions, all of our members, young or old, fit and unfit are super supportive, and non-judgemental and help motivate you whatever your goals may be.


There are tons of stats to suggest outdoor fitness is better than indoor fitness. The fresh air, the sunshine, the rain, the versatility of grass, paths, gravel, hills, stairs, etc. We absolutely love the great outdoors, it’s so much more motivating than stationary bikes and treadmills!

Burn It in the Park

Since our establishment in 2010, we have been dedicated to providing enjoyable and sociable outdoor fitness sessions in public parks that are suitable for all levels. Our most popular class is Burn It in the Park, which combines a variety of exercises such as squats, press-ups, and lunges across multiple exercise methods and disciplines. These 60-minute high-calorie burn classes are always held outdoors, ensuring that our members can soak up the fresh air and natural surroundings.  

Our members come from all walks of life and range in age from 16 to 66 years old. We pride ourselves on catering to individual fitness levels, so everyone is pushed to their own limits. Our classes are all about working hard and having fun, so you can expect a different routine every week that will challenge and motivate you. Unlike military-style fitness classes which can be intimidating, or a gym which can be boring, we offer a professional, safe, and friendly environment that is suitable for all.

We are proud to be part of the community and to offer a fitness experience that is accessible to all. Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out on your fitness journey, we welcome you to come and join us for a fun and challenging workout in the great outdoors!

More than just a fitness class

We go above and beyond to offer more than just a ‘meet in the park’ approach. We know your name, your goals, your motivators, we offer a complete 24/7 service whereby you can access us as your health and fitness professional for any advice, nutrition support, motivation, online resources and more.

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You can find the meeting points for each of our locations here – https://www.burnit.co/locations/

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