Meet Nikki

Message from the trainers: Nikki’s results really crept up on us! she has quietly but relentlessly been plugging away with a huge engine of internal motivation! what Nikki has achieved is all her own hard work, we are privileged that she chose Burn It to be her trainers.

"Exercise really does make you happy"

What first inspired you to get fit? I had been so focused on weight loss for a few years, I had OK results but then came to a complete plateau. I was obsessed with food, trying to cut the calories etc but not long after meeting the Burn It guys, in particular my personal trainer Paul, my whole outlook changed – I now want to be fit not just slim! The way we work I have no doubt the two come hand in hand.

Why did you choose Burn It Fitness? I have been at many gyms and tried many instructors, but what I can say makes Burn It different to the others is that they genuinely care about their members and want you to get the most out of their training. The instructors are extremely qualified and most of all, they’ve found the right balance of hard work and fun. I’m definitely a member for life!

What was the hardest thing about your training? I have a knee injury that used to really hold me back, the trainers have been really great at showing me ways to work round it. Where before I would have shied away from certain exercises, now I use the different options they’ve provided me.

What has been the best thing about your training? Seeing my work paying off, I recently completed Tough Mudder (a 13 mile run with 26 hard-core obstacles) something I would physically have never been able to do 3 years ago, and if I’m honest, before joining Burn It I don’t think mentally I’d have been able to either.

What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about taking up training with Burn It? Do it! Stop thinking and just pop along, I know the thought of a ‘boot camp’ is intimidating for some but Burn It are not your Americanised style boot camp, no one will be standing yelling at you, instead they’ll be there supporting and encouraging you.

Has your lifestyle changed a lot since you started training? My lifestyle has changed hugely, I used to be obsessed with getting the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats – to the extent I would shy away from evening drinks or dinners out. Now I know that as long as I’m training hard and eating well I can go out for a Friday drinks after work or for dinner without feeling guilty.

What do you do if you just don’t feel like training? Everyone has days they don’t feel like training, personally I try to remember that within 5 minutes of being there I’ll be having loads of fun with the other boot camp members and after 60 minutes I will be able to go home feeling fitter and stronger than before, it sounds really cheesy but exercise really does make you happy!

Top tip for keeping motivated? I struggled a little with motivation before joining Burn It, I would have a month of being dedicated and then a month of having little motivation. Burn It keep you motivated, offering health checks every now and then where you really get to see your results. When I did my first 10 week revolution I was shocked with the results, I had felt fitter but not really noticed my body shape, the measurements told a different story. Burn It also enter teams into various events, the most recent I did was the Edinburgh Roadblock run for CHSS – I find entering into the odd event every couple of months is a great motivation.

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